Iron Maiden - Total Eclipse (1982)

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akakiyakakiyevic akakiyakakiyevic diyor ki;
Cold as steel the darkness waits it`s hour will come.

A cry of fear from our children worshipping the sun.

Mother nature`s black revenge on those who waste her life.

War babies in the garden of Eden,

Shall turn our ashes to ice.

Sunrise has gone freezing up the fires.

Sunrise has gone numbing our desires.

Around the world the people stop,

With terror stricken eyes.

A shadow cast upon them all,

To crush them like a fly.

In the icy rain and whiplashed seas,

There`s nowhere left to run.

The hammer blows of winter fall like a hurricane.

Around the world the nations wait,

For some wise word from their leading light.

You know it isn`t only madmen who listen to fools.

Is this the end, the millions cried,

Clutching their riches as they died.

Those who survive must weather the storm.

Gone are the days when man looked down.

They`ve taken away his sacred crown.

To be set free, it took so long.

It`s not journeys` end, it`s just begun.
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